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Social Clues is a puzzle-adventure game for children with autism and developmental disabilities that teaches pragmatics and social skills. Players control Pete and Kate Mum as they traverse a stylized, cartoon world to search for their lost toys. Behind the scenes player actions are tracked via key metrics, providing parents and therapists informative data and insight into player progression and behavioral change.


Social Clues is an Advanced Games Project in conjunction with the USC Games program. The team is comprised of ~30 individuals, including therapists, artists, designers, engineers and more, all working to teach communication. Read more about the team

by clicking below.

Take a Look

Don't stop here, there is plenty more of Social Clues to see. Click below to see new media for Social Clues including gameplay stills, informational videos, music, press and more.

Rooted in Science

Social Clues is a hybrid therapy tool and video game. It incorporates some of the most widely used behavioral therapies and is built on a foundation of evidence-based practices. Learn more about the science behind Social Clues by
clicking below.

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