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Social Clues follows the story of the Mum family. The Mums are a family not too different from many we all know; they never communicate. Pete and Kate, the Mum children, come home from school each day, drop their backpacks at the door and mindlessly watch television. No interacting. No conversation. Ma and Pa Mum are no better. They come home from work, drop their briefcases at the door and mindlessly surf the web and their smartphones.


One afternoon a resounding thump bellows from the children’s bedroom. The Mums run upstairs and are stunned to find the children’s toy box empty; their entire toy collection gone missing. Unsure of what happened, and incapable of conversing, the Mum’s are stuck, unclear what to do. That is until they hear a loud “SQUAWK” from Sherlock, the family’s cultured Parrot, and the only Mum who knows how to talk.


With a quick lesson Sherlock teaches the children the rules of social conduct and provides a guide for navigating conversations. He then points out the muddy footprints leading out the open window. With Sherlock as their guide (and therapist!), Pete and Kate venture out to the city and begin their journey, talking to townspeople, recovering their lost toys and learning the power of communication. In the process, the children learn their full names (and full social potential), they are ParticiPETE and CommuniKATE.

The Story


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