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Alexander Silberman

Alexander Silberman is a senior at USC majoring in Interactive Media with a minor in Web Technologies and Applications. He works on Social Clues as a designer and primarily the usability tester deciphering the needs of the players through their comments and reactions while playing the various iterations. An avid edutainment player when he was younger, he is very interested in the development of new frontiers in teaching tools through games.

Andy Goldstein - Lead Designer


Andy Goldstein is the lead designer for Social Clues and a third year graduate student at USC studying Interactive Media & Games. One of Andy’s main jobs is to make sure that Social Clues is fun and engaging yet at the same time be a great tool for autistic children and their parents. He spends most of his time leading and managing the design team to create new interactions, mini-games, and characters. He also works to incorporate, develop, and produce new systems and mechanics into the game.

Lani Amaro

Lani is a senior at the University of Southern California double majoring in Interactive Media and Film & Television Production in the School of Cinematic Arts. Her primary responsibility on Social Clues is designing and prototyping the minigames with the other members of the minigame team. She has always had an interest in education and the time she has spent teaching kids at summer camps and after school programs have been some of the most rewarding experiences of her life. She joined the Social Clues team with the hope that her work on the project would give her the chance to do some good in the world.In her spare time she likes to do yoga, mess around in Photoshop, and watch animated movies. Her portfolio can be found here:

Mikhail Bhuta

Mikhail Bhuta is an undergraduate student from India, studying at USC. He is currently pursuing a major in Computer Science (Games).

Amy Kao

Amy Kao is a junior at the University of Southern California double majoring in interactive media and business administration. She worked on Social Clues as a designer, and has loved the experience of working amongst so much talent. Besides game design, she is also passionate about in social entrepreneurship, urban youth development, dance, and good food.


Chris Kohlenberger

Chris is a senior at USC majoring in Computer Science (Games) and minoring in Organizational Leadership and Management. Chris is working on Social Clues as a designer and is recording, editing, and organizing voice overs in collaboration with voice actors from the USC School of Dramatic Arts.


Max Palazzo

Max is an Undergraduate Junior at USC majoring in Interactive Entertainment. For fun, Max enjoys working on and playing games in his spare time, listening to music/going to concerts, and long walks on the beach...On Social Clues, he does both Game Design and Writing. Check out his portfolio ( or his LinkedIn (​

Katie Powell

Katie is a programmer and designer on Social Clues and a senior in Computer Science (Games) at USC. Her role on Social Clues is designing, implementing and polishing minigames. Katie has designed and developed a plethora of game projects and her personal games portfolio can be found at Aside from game development, Katie enjoys acting, lighting and sound design for the theatre and teaching.

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