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Lauren Benavides - Art Director


Laure Benavides is a senior at Laguna College of Art and Design majoring in Animation. She is an art director on Social Clues and has worked towards setting the art style of the game's characters. She leads the art team in creating cute and appealing characters for the game as well as keeping the art consistent between artists. Lauren has a great passion for kids games and she is incredibly happy to be working on Social Clues.

Andrew Sakata - Art Director


Andrew Sakata is an illustrator and animator attending Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. Andrew is an art director on Social Clues, doing things from visual development to animation and character design. Andrew specializes in cute adorable things, generally aimed at a younger audience, but with nuance and design that appeals to an older audience as well. His work can be found here:

Colin Horgan - Producer

Colin is a current undergraduate in the USC Interactive Media and Games Division and producer on Social Clues. He has strong opinions about video games and likes to pretend he can make them.In his spare time Colin likes making music and riding bikes. Overall he's a pretty alright guy.

Andy Goldstein - Lead Designer


Andy Goldstein is the lead designer for Social Clues and a third year graduate student at USC studying Interactive Media & Games. One of Andy’s main jobs is to make sure that Social Clues is fun and engaging yet at the same time be a great tool for autistic children and their parents. He spends most of his time leading and managing the design team to create new interactions, mini-games, and characters. He also works to incorporate, develop, and produce new systems and mechanics into the game.

Fotos Frangoudes - Lead Engineer


Fotos Frangoudes is the lead engineer for Social Clues and a first year PhD student in Computer Science at USC. He is interested in serious games, with a focus on health and education. As part of USC Games Intelligence Lab, as well as the Creative Media and Behavior Health Center of USC, he has worked on a variety of projects spanning from a mixed reality exercise game (Skyfarer - SIGGRAPH 2013), to an MMO co-op research project, multiplayer shooter games, and mobile games. You can visit his personal webpage for more information (

Department Leads

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